Snake ID

Do you Know These Snakes?

The Snake ID Challenge (Phase 2)

A joint initiative byUniversity of Zurich / ETH Zurich

Help us Identifying Species of Snakes.

Fall is here! You can take advantage of the cooler weather to test and refine your identification skills with the second phase of the SnakeID challenge. We’ll show you more than 2000 photos of snakes collected from Twitter, and originally posted from everywhere in the world! Help us identify as many snakes as possible at the species, genus, or family level.

Now With Unclassified Images

In Phase 1 of the Snake Id Challenge (March 2019) we showed you images of snakes already classified by experts, and studied the competence (and speed) of the crowd in matching the expert identification. This time, we are showing you unclassified images, and we need your help to discover which species are in the images in order to create a new dataset.

Last time we knew the answers, this time we don’t so you are the expert!

Winners of our Second Challenge Announced!

Thank you for participating and congratulations! Here are the winners of the autumn 2019 challenge:

1.Gary Lee7224

Thank your for contributing in the challenge, we will notify the winners soon.

A big thank you to everyone who took part in this challenge! Every single contribution brings us closer to our overall goal: to protect snakes and humans and to support the treatment of snake bite. But this was only the beginning, we are already thinking of the next challenge. Stay tuned and become part of the next step.

Project Partners

This project supports Goal 3 of the UN SDGs: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages, and in particular Target 3.3 on ending neglected tropical disease. The Sustainable Development Goals

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